Serangan Beach, Bali

The reason why domestic and worldwide tourist love to visit Bali is apparently clear that this island has a lot of things to offer. Bali does not only let tourists see magnificent view of the nature but also unique way of Balinese life. Almost every day individuals in line come to the temple to worship and this will be amazing experience see this uniqueness. Serangan beach is one of many attractions existed at the paradise island of Bali. It is used to be a small island located at 5 km away from Bali island, especially Denpasar but today this beach is artificially connected to Bali island by permanent concrete bridge. In other words, Serangan beach is located at Serangan island (Serangan Village of Suwung kangin district of Denpasar) having been exposed ambitiously by local government to create tourism resort but the project was delayed due to financial crisis. In order to reach this Serangan beach, it is only take 25 minutes from Denpasar. A tourist can go to this beach resort for about 30 minutes from Airport of Ngurah Rai. Over the past few years, Serangan has become center of turtle conservation in Bali for keeping this creature from extinction.

Serangan Beach is white sand beach with amazing tide, especially during rainy season. From September to February, both local and international surfers love to visit this amazing beach to get into surfing adventure. It is believed that tide of this beach can reach 7 feet at its best level despite the average is 2-4 feet. Surfing along Serangan beach is certainly unique as it must be begun from shore break so that if one is about to surf, he or she must paddle surfing board to reach powerful waves. location of this lovely beach is near Bali’s peninsula where wind flows southwest to the east creating more powerful waves. for this reason, surfing maniacs take their times to surf along shore break of Serangan beach, especially during rainy season. Some Warung (Balinese local cafes) are available just seaside of the beach where sea foods and fresh drinks are served.

Aside from a perfect spot for surfing, Serangan Beach is also a fishing destination. Local residents of Denpasar usually take advantage of this beach for fishing especially on weekend. It is obviously clear that this beautiful beach can be a destination for your holiday as this place enables you to indulge in something like surfing adventure and fishing. Sunbathing is without a doubt suggested as there will be hot weather with amazing breeze. Coming to Serangan beach means having an opportunity to see how turtles are preserved in order to avoid extinction as this beach is closed to TCEC (Turtle Conservation and Education Centre) of Bali. It is not enough yet as Serangan beach is just a few minutes away from Sakenan Temple, one of famous temples in Bali. Twice a years (according to Balinese calendar), there will be religious ceremony in this temple so that if you are on Serangan beach, you have a chance to see how Balinese people worship to their God.


Keramas Beach, Gianyar Bali

Keramas Beach

Keramas Beach, Gianyar Bali

For Bali is a famous destination for domestic and international tourists, it makes sense that more and more individual are eager to spend a couple of days staying in this Paradise Island. Unique culture being maintained in the right manner is a point of interest Bali has to offer for tourists in addition to beautiful scenery and a wide variety of beaches with stunning view. 2002 bomb attack has decreased popularity of Bali but intensive promotion and guarantee of optimal safety gradually makes Bali reaches its fame again. If interested in visiting Bali in the near future, visiting a lot of beaches available in the island must be a choice. One of the beaches deserve visiting is Keramas Beach, which is located at Sukawati district especially at Keramas village as the beach name implies. Sukawati itself belongs to Gianyar regency where Ubud is positioned on so that if you take time for a visit of Keramas beach, you can get Ubud only in approximately 45 minutes. From international Ngurah Rai airport, it takes about 1 and half hours to reach Keramas beach.

Keramas Beach, in fact, is a rarely mentioned beach in Bali as it less famous than Kuta beach and Sanur beach. With black sandy beach, it makes tourists less interested in visiting Keramas Beach. But for those who are looking for quiet place for refreshing, Keramas Beach can be a good choice as this resort is visited by a few people only in a day. As this beach has big and more powerful waves, a lot of surfers that come from local and international areas like to indulge in surfing challenge. Enjoying beautiful scene of sunset is what Keramas beach has to offer despite the fact that most visitors come to this resort for surf adventure. Local residents derived from some villages of Sukawati district take advantage of Keramas beach to get into religious ceremonies. Mekiis or Melasti, a process of Nyepi Day, is a ceremony held at this beach on regular basis. If a tourist is curious to know what Balinese culture is all about, just check a Balinese calendar to make sure the date of religious ceremony of Mekiis or Melasti. Occasional ceremony like Larung, a part of Ngaben (Balinese cremation) is certainly held on Keramas beach so it can be a point of interest for visiting the beach.

surf at keramas beachFor those looking for sparkling nightlife and hedonism, Keramas beach is seemingly not the proper destination as only a few of hotels, cafes and art shops are available at the resort. But Keramas beach will be an awesome destination for people looking for surf adventure as the wind flows fast along the beach, especially during rainy season, that create powerful waves. Some surfing competitions are occasionally held on this beach so that if you like surfing, just keep an eye of upcoming surfing completion of Keramas beach. No matter where you will go, a point of interest always exist when it comes to visiting Bali and this is what Keramas beach has to offer.


Lovina Beach, Bali

Lovina BeachNorth part of Bali does offer a range of allures just similarly to those of south part of this island. However, atmosphere of tourism resort in north Bali is quieter and therefore more suitable for those who want to seek to privacy. The fact shows that the majority of tourists, especially worldwide ones come to resorts of Bali like Kuta and Sanur while there are some other places that also offer fascinations. Lovina Beach is a tourism resort located in north Bali, especially in Buleleng regency. This beach is particularly positioned at Kalibukbuk countryside, northwest of Singaraja – Capital city of Buleleng. A tourist needs approximately 2.5 hours to reach the dolphin beach from airport of Ngurah Rai. As a matter of fact, Lovina beach is a black chromatic sand beach with 12 km stretch of coastline. Some places of interests that are close enough from Lovina beach are Hot Water banjar, Gitgit Waterfall and much more. As one of the most popular beaches in east Bali, a range of hotels and seaside cafes are existed upfront Lovina Beach so spending a couple of days at this beach resort will not be a problem.

Is there something unique found in Lovina Beach? This query may come up as there are a lot of beaches in Bali with similarities. In fact, Pantai Lovina is well-known for its dolphin trip tour that usually leaves early in the morning. Despite this tour is criticized for outnumbering dolphins, it still becomes key point of interest when it comes to Lovina Beach. Tariff of this tour is about Rp 50.000 – Rp.100.000 (5$ – 10$ with exchange range of 10.000 per USD). This price of dolphin trip tour is certainly affordable as there will be amazing experience on seeing dolphin jumps in and out of the sea water. Distance of dolphin trip tour is about 1 km offshore and there will be local guide to accompany every tour by Jukung (Balinese boat ). Witnessing a flock of dolphin swimming and jumping around the Jukung is certainly something exceptional, which is rarely found somewhere else in Bali. Dolphin at Lovina beachThis is what Lovina beach has to offer aside from snorkeling and diving spot. As usual, snorkeling and diving adventure starts from Kalibukbuk to Menjangan and other diving spots located at north shore.

Having undergone dolphin trip tour, snorkeling and diving, it is likely to happen that one gets hungry and thirsty. In this case, a range of seaside restaurants will serve delicious foods and fresh drinks while letting visitors to enjoy breeze and sound of waves. Late in the afternoon, it is time to see spectacular of sunset for tourists. One thing is certain that Lovina beach is about tranquillity and peaceful atmosphere mostly tourists are looking for. Something unique of dolphin attraction is without a doubt something special and the only one available in Bali. if planning to visit Bali in the near future, one can straightly go to this lovely beach as a starting point to reach some other tourism areas located at both north and south part of Bali.


Pererenan Beach, Canggu Bali

Pererenan Beach, Canggu Bali

Pererenan Beach, Canggu Bali

Have you been in Bali? If you have not, it is seemingly a good decision to take time visiting this famous tourism destination of Indonesia. Bali is next to Java Island belonging to Middle part of Indonesia. It is a small island with exotic culture and a range of beautiful beaches. Pererenan Beach is a beach existed at south part of Bali especially at Pererenan Village, Canggu district. This beach resort is approximately 40 minutes away from Ngurah Rai international airport. Location of this beautiful beach is just in line with some beaches like, Seminyak beach, Petitenget beach and Kuta beach. Meaning, this beach is close to some popular resorts of Bali and you can start your journey from this beach anytime visiting Bali. Pererenan beach is as not as popular Kuta beach, Sanur beach and Nusa Dua beach but some people are keen to take time spending a couple of days at this black sand beach for surfing adventures. Mostly local residents usually take advantage of this beach to relax on the weekends in addition to holding religious ceremony.

Pererenan beachIn the dry season (usually April to August), waves of Pererenan Beach is powerful and therefore surfing adventure is suggested at this moment. Difficulty for surfing is in 3 levels and 5 levels for grade of waves of this surf spot beach. At the highest level, tide of Pererenan beach can reach 7 feet but average size of waves is about 2-5 feet. Pro surfers, in fact, like to visit Pererenan beach as it is considered one of the best surfing spots of Bali. Similarly to beaches located at south Bali, this surf beach offers visitors stunning view of sunset with breeze and sound of waves. As this beach is quiet enough, one should take advantage of Pererenan beach for getting rid of daily routines. A range of religious ceremonies are usually held along the beach by local residents. Many local residents get into occasional religious ceremony like Melarung, a part of Ngaben (Balinese cremation). Thus if one is lucky enough, viewing any ceremony of Pererenan beach will be a great experience. It will be a part of enjoying what Bali has to offer: exotic culture.

Pererenan is certainly not a popular beach in Bali but this beach still has some attractions, especially for surfing experience. This beach is not in white sand as what Kuta and Sanur have to offer and the atmosphere tends to be quiet enough, good for relieving stress. Pererenan Beach, BaliAs usual, surfers who come to this beach for surfing adventure bring their own equipment. Not like in Kuta beach where visitors can get surf board for rent right on the beach rentals, Pererenan beach takes someone to bring surf board on his or her own. Sunbathing is not suggested as black sand is usually not suitable for this activity. But those interested in sunbathing still can do it despite the nuance will be different when compared with Kuta beach. no sea umbrellas are available so that if you get hot, it takes you to visit nearest Warung (Balinese shop where snacks, drinks and local foods are commonly available).


Echo Beach, Canggu Bali

Echo Beach, Canggu BaliVisiting paradise island of Bali is an alternative of holiday as this is an outstanding tourism area not only for Indonesian people but also those coming from worldwide. What Bali has to offer is about unique culture, beautiful scenery and lively ambiance of nightlife, which has made more and more individuals like to spend a couple of days at the island. Echo beach is a destination deserves to visit for local or international tourists. This beach resort is located at Canggu (north of Seminyak), a part of Badung regency. To reach Echo beach, it takes about 45 minutes from airport of Ngurah Rai. If reaching this resort by motorcycle, 30 minutes can be a needed length of time. Location of this black sand beach is not far from Kuta beach as it is still in line. A tourist only needs a couple of minutes to reach this beach from Kuta. Despite Echo beach is not like what is available in Kuta and other famous beach resorts of Bali, this resort is still a favourite destination for both local and worldwide tourists. Similarly to Jimbaran beach whose on-the-beach dining is popular, Echo beach also enables tourists to experience amazing moment of dining, especially for fresh sea foods.

Echo Beach House restaurantThe Beach House restaurant of Echo Beach has on-the-beach dining spot where barbecue of sea foods are available which a tourist should not miss. This dining spot will be an appropriate place to enjoy dishes of sea foods while viewing spectacular sunset. When it comes to sea foods the Beach House restaurant has to offer, one will be able to enjoy lobsters, pawns, ribs and much more. Organic salads are also parts of sea foods presented by this restaurant. Just in case you are keen to enjoy fresh sea foods, breeze and sea Panorama with live music, it is suggested to visit Echo beach on Sunday. Aside from having incredible moment for on-the-beach dining of sea foods, this lovely beach is also suitable for surfing adventure despite this beach resort is not the best one, but still it’s very popular and the best surf spot in Canggu Area. Some tourists are also keen to have a moment for sunbathing when it comes to Echo Beach as the weather is hot enough.

Sunset at Echo BeachSpending a couple of weeks for vacation in Bali is certainly exciting as one not only can enjoy beautiful view of the nature but also a range of things like unforgettable dining moment and lively ambiance of nightlife. Echo beach is a destination of Bali tourism with specialty of on-the-beach dining spot for enjoying sea foods. Seaside barbecue is what this surf beach has to offer and one can choose any fresh sea foods ranging from lobsters to pawns. Just imagine you are with your spouse having a moment on the seashore to get dinner where live music, breeze and sound of wave are available; this is certainly will be an unforgettable moment that can be found at Echo Beach. As this surf spot beach is near a range of outstanding resorts of Bali like Seminyak beach and Kuta beach, visiting this beach can be a start to explore other tourism resorts for your vacation.


Medewi Beach, Jembrana Bali

Sunset at Medewi Beach

Despite West Bali is less famous than south and east part of Bali, there are still several resorts that offer a range of attractions. West Bali is more famous with farm than tourism, which constitutes the biggest producer of coconut, banana and cacao in Bali. However, west Bali that is mostly part of Jembrana regency lined with very long coastline stretching from Gilimanuk Harbour (western part) to east border with Tabanan regency. Along the coastline, one will come across Medewi beach which is one of surfing spots available in Bali, location of Medewi beach is particularly at Pekutatan district, Jembrana Regency. It is about 2 hours away from Gilimanuk harbor and 1.5 hours from Denpasar. This beach is just a few meters from high way to Denpasar, the only way one can go through to get the capital of Bali. if one goes through this high way, Medewi beach can be seen obviously. As a matter of fact, seashore of this lovely beach is filled with a flock of andesitic stones derived from years of natural process. This stone overlay makes this beach looks rugged but unique.

Medewi BeachWhen it comes to Medewi beach, it is the most popular beach resort existed at eastern part of Bali. Surfing is what this beach has to offer and to get into this activity, a surfer must paddle surfing board to shore break right 100 meters away from seashore. It is almost impossible to surf along seashore of this beach as there will be natural barrier of andesitic stones. Shore break of this surf spot beach consists of some spots and the wave is about 9 feet at its best level. It is said to be more attractive surfing early in the morning when it comes to this beach as the waves get higher. There is no surfing operator along the beach so that one who has interest in surfing adventure must bring the whole equipment needed to get into this activity. Geographically, Medewi beach is near Rambut Siwi temple, one of famous temples in Bali located right upfront Rambut Siwi beach.

Just in case you are in Medewi beach for surfing adventure and are amazed with powerful waves, Medewi Beach cottages with such facilities as swimming pool, bar and restaurant are available. staying a couple of days in the cottages will bring you an unforgettable moment as there will be perfect spot to enjoy spectacular panorama of Sunset. Imagine you are in seaside lying on a bed while seeing sunset with breeze and sound of waves; it is such an amazing experience. As seashore of this beautiful beach is rugged where a flock of hard stones are widespread along the beach, it is not suggested to have sunbathing. This place is mostly appropriate for early morning surfing adventure as the wave gets its best level. Commonly, surfers are keen to visit Medewi beach during dry season (April – August) where tide often reaches 9 feet. For surfing adventure, this beach is just for the professionals not beginner.


Sanur Beach, Bali

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach, Bali

Talking about Bali’s main beach resort areas, Sanur beach is one that has attracted many local and international tourists to enjoy the beauty of Bali. Location of this beautiful beach is about 18 km from Ngurah Rai international airport. It is approximately 25 minutes to reach Sanur beach from international airport of Bali since the road to get this beach resort is so crowded. Airport taxi for reaching Sanur beach is Rp. 70.000 in average. What makes Sanur beach differs from Kuta beach is that this beach resort offers less intense atmosphere but there is similarity between Sanur beach and Kuta beach as those beaches enable tourists to enjoy sunbathing upon white sand. Contrary to Kuta beach, people come to this amazing beach to enjoy the spectacular of sunrise. And a range of traditional Balinese canoes are widespread at seaside of Sanur beach that tourists will not find at Kuta beach.

Some activities mostly tourists like to do in Sanur Beach are windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling and sailing. Some also like to get into surfing at this beach but Kuta beach is more attractive for this activity. Sanur beach is allegedly believed to be the most famous beach resort with original beauty. And this beach is the first beach resort to get fame across the world with the next is Kuta. Incredible white sands with a range of palms available upfront the beach makes Sanur beach such an exciting place to go along. Five-star hotel exists just upfront the Sanur beach where you can enjoy luxury rooms as well as delicious foods. Looking for diving spot that can amaze your eyes? If so, Sanur beach is the proper destination for diving as it offers various kinds of marine organism and reef bed aquatic. Despite fame of this beautiful beach is not like what Tulamben has to offer, this beach resort is still the most wanted in Bali. Another thing that makes this beach differs from other beaches in Bali is that some Bale Bengong, traditional Balinese mini house, are available along the beach so that if you feel hot, you can shelter in the Bale Bengong to relax.

Like what Kuta beach has to offer, Sanur beach also offers art shops where you can shop traditional Balinese clothes, antique crafts and clothes for beach activities. Some traditional foods and beverages like Bakso and Es Campur are available at seaside of this sunrise beach. Bali is certainly famous with its a lot of allures but some uniqueness are found at this beach only. As mentioned above, this amazing beach is the most original among other famous beaches, which become trademark of this south beach of Bali. Not to forget, you better visit Sanur beach in the morning than other times as sunrise of Sanur Beach is so amazing. Experiencing a journey by yacht from Sanur to some isles of Nusa (there are three isles of Nusa located at Klungkung regency belonging to Bali as well; Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan) is also what this lovely beach has to offer. Overall, Sanur beach has so much to offer for excitement of vacation and therefore a lot of tourists are keen to visit this beach resort of Bali.


Sindhu Beach, Sanur Bali

Sindhu Beach, SanurAs a most wanted tourism destination in the world, Bali do offers a lot of attractions that have been inviting more and more domestic and international tourists to come to the Island of Paradise. Not only does Bali have breathtaking scenery but also exotic culture that is still maintained properly. When visiting Bali, tourists will come across Balinese people in line for religious ceremonies and cremation called Ngaben which also constitutes an exotic culture Bali has to offer. Tourists come to Bali due to some reasons and one of them is to enjoy beautiful beaches. A range of beaches are widespread in Bali and each offers something unique to enjoy. This beautiful beach is one among many beaches available in Bali that offers breathtaking scenery. Sindhu beach is a neighbour of Sanur Beach, which is located at Sanur village belonging to Badung Regency. To reach this beach from Denpasar- capital city of Bali, it takes tourist to spend a couple of minutes by motorcycle. From international airport of Ngurah Rai, it takes about 30 minutes to reach this white sand beach by taxi.

Similarly to Sanur Beach, white sand is what Sindhu Beach has to offer aside from stunning view to the Indian Ocean. Breathtaking scenery of sunrise is an allure available at Sindhu Beach so that if have interest in visiting this beach, come early in the morning or stay at a hotel of the beach for a couple of days. With Mount Agung as a backdrop, the biggest mount of Bali, Sindhu Beach will be such an amazing place to visit for it offers awesome view. Souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants exist just upfront this amazing beach that will make visiting this tourism resort more enjoyable. Another allure of this white sand beach is that it offers great and powerful waves for surf adventures. For this reason, domestic and international surfers come to this beautiful beach just to conquer the waves. Aside from surfing, the beach is certainly good for sunbathing as sun shines almost every day. Wearing sun block is suggested as the weather is hot enough especially during April to September.

Sunrise at Sindhu beachUnlike Kuta beach, Sindhu beach is quieter and thereby is good for getting rid of lively ambiance. Many domestic and international tourists are keen to be at Sindhu beach for a couple of days to have time for refreshing after days of work. As the beach is located a few miles only from Sanur beach, it will be easy for you to visit Sanur beach and Sindhu beach alternately. Despite the fact that this beach is not as famous as Kuta beach and Sanur beach, there are still a lot of things to enjoy at this beach. White sand, quiet atmosphere, surfing adventure and shopping are several things available for excitement of Sindu beach visitors. Not to mention, this lovely beach is easily reached as it is located just a couple of miles from International Airport of Ngurah Rai. Overall, Sindhu beach is one of many beaches existed at Bali where tourist can indulge in what the beach has to offer, ranging from sunbathing to surf adventure.


Padang Galak Beach, Sanur Bali

Padang Galak BeachIn fact, there are a lot of beaches are available in the Paradise Island of Bali but the most famous ones are Kuta Beach with its crowded atmosphere and Sanur Beach with its originality. However, Padang Galak Beach is still attractive enough as the beach has a range of allures for excitement of tourists. Padang Galak beach as it names implies is located at Padang Galak village, 10 minutes away from Denpasar, capital of Bali. In order to reach Padang Galak beach from Ngurah Rai airport, tourists just need 25 minutes in average by taxi. Padang Galak beach is connected to Matahari Terbit beach, Sindhu beach and Sanur Beach that have view of Indian Ocean. Nevertheless, Padang Galak Beach differs from those mentioned beaches as it offers more powerful waves and therefore is good for surfing challenge and other water sports. Aside from visited by international tourists, local residents take advantage of Padang Galak Beach for some religious ceremonies like Mekiis or Melasti, a part of Nyepi celebration.

melasti at padang galak beachSimilarly to other beaches located at southern part of Bali, Padang Galak Beach is a beach with white sand. Padang Galak Beach also offers amazing scenery of sunrise so that visitors are suggested to come to this beach very early in the morning. Unlike Sanur beach whose hotels, restaurants and art shops are widespread upfront the beach, Padang Galak Beach only offer a few. Despite that fact, tourists are still eager to enjoy the beauty of Badang Galak Beach. Those who like sunbathing are not suggested to visit this beach due to tiny seashore of this beach. However, people still can do sunbathing but the sensation is not like what Kuta beach has to offer. With windy atmosphere, Padang Galak beach holds The Bali Kite Festival held on regular basis in the middle of the year where you will come across kites coming in a wide variety of sizes and models. Bali Kite FestivalKites available in the festival are usually designed in accordance to Balinese arts. As usual, July is the right moment for holing The Bali Kite Festival where traditional giant kites belonging to some Banjar (Balinese community) are competed for the winning prize. The festival, which is held on regular basis at Padang Galak Beach, so far has become a point of interest whether for domestic or international tourists.

It is apparently clear that Padang Galak Beach has some points of interest despite the fact that it is less famous compared to Kuta beach, Sanur beach and Nusa Dua beach. The Bali Kite Festival makes a difference when it comes to this beach. For surfing adventure, it is suggested to visit Padang Galak Beach in wet season where waves are more powerful. In the hot season, this amazing beach is suitable for swimming and this is why many groups of family come to this beach for recreation especially in the weekend. One is certain that Bali has so much to offer for tourist destination and Padang Galak Beach is a point of interest available in the Paradise Island with its amazing kite festival and surf adventure.


Matahari Terbit Beach, Sanur Bali

Matahari Terbit BeachIn addition to breathtaking natural view, Bali with no doubt has a lot of attractions ranging from exotic Balinese architecture to unique culture. Almost every day tourists will find people in lines going to temples for ceremony. Balinese people are best known for their friendliness and warm welcome to tourists despite the fact that 2002 bomb attack has stimulated public cynicism. When it comes to visiting Bali, tourists can enjoy a wide variety of beaches. Kuta beach and Sanur beach are the most outstanding beaches in Bali where many people come to enjoy breathtaking scenery and surf adventure. Matahari Terbit Beach is less famous compared with Kuta beach and Sanur beach but this tourism beach resort still has so much to offer with respect to tourist’s attractions. With only 5 minutes away from capital city of Bali, Denpasar, Matahari Terbit Beach can be reached easily by public transportations, taxi and motorcycle. To reach this beautiful beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it takes merely 25 minutes by taxi so that if you are eager to visit this beach, it is very reachable.

Situated on Sanur village, Matahari Terbit Beach is similar to Sanur beach whose sand is white. And this white sand makes this amazing beach become an attractive tourism destination to visit. Stunning view of Indian Ocean is also an allure of this beach aside from calm waves on seashore that is good for swimming. A lot of tourists come to this beach only for swimming beneath amazing view of the blue sky. Sunbathing is also an activity tourists like to do as hot weather is available in this beach. In wet or raining season where wind flow creates powerful waves, tourists come to this beach for surfing. They spend a couple of days for surf adventure that makes them feel excited. Hotels, art shops and restaurants with local and international cuisines are widespread upfront of Matahari Terbit Beach so that if a tourist visit this beach, there will be a recreation with complete package.

Matahari Terbit Beach

It is true that Matahari Terbit Beach is less famous than what Kuta beach and Sanur beach has to offer. But there are still many things to enjoy at this beach for excitement tourists are looking for. White sandy beach is an allure of this magnificent beach aside from beautiful view of sunrise. In order to enjoy such an amazing view of sunrise, it is better to be at Matahari Terbit Beach just early in the morning. Some local communities of Sanur Village also come to this lovely beach for religious ceremony especially several days before Nyepi Day, a day of silence to celebrate the Balinese new year. A part of religious ceremony of Ngaben (Balinese cremation) is also held in this beach. Thus, those who are interested in viewing what balenese culture looks like are suggested to visit this beautiful beach which is located at southern part of Bali. What are you waiting for? Visiting Bali can be an advantage as this Paradise Island has so much to offer. What Matahari Terbit Beach has to offer as mentioned above will be something enjoyable for the moment of your vacation so take time to enjoy Bali.